About the West Sturgeon Ag Society (WSAS)

The West Sturgeon Ag Society or WSAS is the community’s organization which manages events, facilities and general maintenance of the community of Calahoo. It is comprised of 5 executive board members and 7 director board members. Meetings are open to community members. Check the website or facebook page for meeting dates.

Feel free to contact any of the board members with questions or concerns.

WSAS Board Members

Chad Perrott
Ph: 780-886-9806

Vice President:
Damian MacMillan
Ph: 780-441-9252
Krystal Blatz
Ph: 780-893-8673

Lisa Hardy

Dale Soetaert

Operations Manager:
Carolyn Reich
Ph: 587-991-9727
Email: calahooarena@gmail.com

Hall Manager:
Kristin Lozinski
Ph: 780-686-1994
Email: calahoohall@gmail.com

Arena / Facilities Manager:
Sean Mazur
Arena Ph: 780-967-5080
Cell Ph: 780-554-6719
Email: calahooarenasean@gmail.com

Bylaws, Meeting Minutes